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About Us

Chasing the dream

Boulder Bay grew from a conversation between two brothers, Paul and Brett Duffy. Paul had the vision, Brett a viticulturist in Central Otago, had the know-how.

The vineyard idea had been maturing quietly for some time.

The brothers had looked all over the country for the right location. The ‘eureka’ moment came one afternoon when Paul was relaxing on the back deck overlooking the then empty paddocks. Out of the blue he announced, “I want to change this view.

Before you could say appellation, he was on the phone to Brett for some advice about soils and vines. Thus began the Boulder Bay journey.

“We’re going to grow wine here, not make juice.”

Paul is a self-confessed vine growing rookie with a pioneer spirit. No one had tried grapes before on Moturoa let alone produce quality wines. Paul wanted to see if it could be done. In 2011 the brothers broke the soil and with Brett’s guidance and careful planting the 2,200m Boulder Bay paddock was transformed.

From the get go, Brett’s motto has been “We’re going to grow wine here, not make juice.”  The dream was to produce a full-bodied, premium wine, easy on the palate now but even better after some cellaring.  Our unique location, high sunshine hours and quick drying clay soils demanded something special. We opted for Syrah 470 Rootstock 3309 and Syrah MS/Hermitage Rootstock Riparian, some of the best Syrah rootstock available.



35.2° S 174.08° E

There’s an old adage that says great wine is grown not made.

From soil to cellar our vines are closely monitored and hand-tended to ensure that only our highest quality fruit leaves the island. We believe Moturoa’s microclimate offers the best possible grape growing conditions in Northland, and as our vines mature we can proudly say that we are not the only ones getting excited by the future of our little vineyard by the sea.

History of the island

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