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The Wine

Every Bottle tells a story

Boulder Bay is an artisan vineyard. From the vine to the bottle our wines are an expression and celebration of this special place and its people.

Ruby Chilled Red 2023

Ruby Chilled Red is a product of our hand-harvested Syrah grapes fermented at cool temperatures to retain fruit flavours. Displaying hints of spice, this medium-bodied wine has a vibrant palate balanced by a sliver of sweetness that allows a dry, smooth finish.

Serve chilled.  From room temperature refrigerate wine for 20 minutes, or in ice bucket for 15.

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Rosé 2023

Boulder Bay Rosé is made from Syrah grapes that are hand-harvested and fermented at a cool temperature to retain the fruit flavours.

This lively, medium-bodied, pale pink wine displays spice and strawberries on the nose. The palate is finely balanced and mouth-filling. A hint of fruit sweetness adds complexity to the crisp acidic finish of this delicious wine.

The 2023 Rose should be drunk in the first 18 months (2 years max).

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Syrah 2020

Our hand-harvested Syrah is richly coloured with a floral bouquet and tastes of vibrant blackcurrant, plum and liquorice.  There are finely balanced tannins with a soft finish and harmonious, well integrated oak.

The 2020 Syrah has 10 years in it. Best drunk between 4 – 8 years in the bottle.

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Sparkling Rosé 2022

The wine is pale salmon in colour displaying a fresh fragrant berry bouquet.
Lively spice and strawberry on the palate, good depth, complexity, and a crisp smooth finish balance this mouth-filling wine.

The 2022 Sparkling Rose should be drunk in the first 18 months (2 years max).


Tawny Port

Made from our Syrah grapes and matured in oak barrels the port is light red in colour.

An intense sweet palate coupled with impressive depth of flavours are reflected in this richly structured wine.

This port has been maturing in the french oak barrels since 2016

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