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Our People

Time & Tide

Our team here on the island draws on collective know-how to get the best from our vines. They come from all walks of life with skill sets that are matched by their passion for both the vineyard and Moturoa itself.

Boulder Bay wines speak volumes about the terroir of our unique island location, not to mention the ardor of our hardworking team of locals, each committed to delivering only the noblest wines to your table.

The vineyard is a hands-on operation. Row by row our vineyard is carefully groomed and tailored to enhance bunch growth and the development of intense flavours. We are selective, we harvest only the best quality fruit.

Vineyard manager Murray Reid is a born and bred Kerikeri native. He boats in from there every week to oversee the vineyard operations. Murray has had a long career as a boat builder and marine surveyor. It is his attention to detail, enthusiasm for wine and the stewardship of the land that keeps our fruit in tip-top shape.

Our vineyard assistants are Moturoa locals through and through. Linda shares island caretaking duties with her husband, so she knows all aspects of the island intimately – she’s also handy with the pruning shears. Raewyn and her husband undertake part-time farming duties on the island. She also works as a nurse, as talented at fencing, netting and handling livestock as she is tending a wound.

Of course there are frequent visits from Brett too, who says he comes to ‘check the vines’ but we suspect an ulterior motive, to head north to go fishing! In these pristine waters who could blame him?

At harvest, friends, family and neighbours are roped in to handpick our grapes. Once all the fruit has been collected, we gather on the ‘back deck’ to ceremoniously raise a glass (or two) for the vintage, and its safe passage by barge to the mainland and into the hands of vintner Rod McIvor at Marsden Estate.

Rod has been involved with winemaking in the north since 1992. He is passionate about the region’s viticulture scene and understands better than anyone the nuances of the region’s microclimates. It is Rod’s patience and artistry that brings out the best in Boulder Bay wines.


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