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December 9, 2016

Birds of a feather

One of the things we are most proud of on Moturoa Island is the island wildlife reserve. This sanctuary is a homegrown initiative that began in the mid 1970’s with a bunch of like-minded locals planting native trees at the south end of the island.

Since then the community has undertaken its own program to eradicate both invasive weeds and pests. The patience and teamwork of some very dedicated souls has overseen the planting of over 60,000 trees and the reintroduction of endemic bird species. This regenerating ‘bush’ is now thriving.

As the forest gets more established, the birdlife increases. The kereru, tui and plover have all made their own way back here. And the island now boasts it own colonies of brown kiwi and the NZ green parrot, kakariki. Down at the end of Boulder Bay work is being done to reestablish a former gannet colony on an outcrop of black rock known as ‘Alcatraz.’

Watching and listening to the activities of the native birdlife is something every Moturoan enjoys about living on the island. Seeing kereru in flight above the bay is always a thrill. Sometimes their aerobatic trajectories, swooping free-falls and comical landings mirror the events of life in our vineyard. Their thirst for quality berry fruits -of a kind- is something we all share, around here!

Birdlife of another kind at Boulder Bay has also garnered much attention amongst our neighbours. As a keen collector of art Paul has installed a giant bronze kereru and three fantail sculptures by the artist Paul Dibble. Before the birds we had some former art pieces that had to be rescued from the bay, more than once! The Dibble bird sculptures on the other hand look right at home and have stood the test of time. In the late afternoon light our kereru, which oversees the vineyard is thrown into a perfect silhouette. We love the cool lines and solid construction of this Boulder Bay guardian.

Sitting on our deck overlooking the vines it is easy to appreciate the relationship between wine and art. To paraphrase the American wine geographer Harm de Blij,  “Wine is to the senses of smell and taste, what a painting is to the eyes and music is to the ears.” It is an expression of the conditions and environment where it was created, the mark of a civilized society and a celebration of life itself.

As we reflect on the character of our past vintages in this stunning location of ours we continue looking forward, imagining what we can create with our next harvest. Like the tenacious team of locals who have worked so hard to revive the beauty of the bush on Moturoa we believe spirit is key to success. It is what underwrites every piece of great art and every bottle of Boulder Bay wine.



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