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May 8, 2018

Nice to be noticed – Winestate Reviews

From the beginning we knew that Moturoa Island has all the right ingredients to create some of the freshest fine wines you have yet to taste.

While our Syrahs are cellaring nicely, it is our Rosés that have become something of a flagship for us.  This vivacious little drop has a lot of sass about it and flavours that hint at an endless summer.  We have been knocked out by the popularity of both the 2016 (long gone) and the 2017 vintages.
Recently we found a glowing review for our 2017 Rosé in the North Island section of Winestate magazine’s 40 Year Anniversary Collectors’ Edition (May/June 2018).  Featuring in the Regional Tasting Awards (where it received a ***½ award) and also in the Best Value Buys, our Rosé was described as “Creamy and bright with some red apple, strawberry and citrus notes sitting alongside soft summer red fruits.  A bright and juicy dry Rosé”.
With that kind of press, no wonder it is walking out the door!  We reckon they nailed it in one.
Food-wise, Boulder Bay Rosé will complement flavours from every season.  Think tomato salads with olives, prosciutto and melon.  Maybe warm rice or pasta dishes with goats’ cheese, poached shellfish or grilled fish.  Speaking of grills, a glass of 2017 Rosé will enliven grilled vege platters of zucchini, peppers and eggplant while making the perfect companion to any decent pork banger, fresh off the Barbie.
The good news is that it was a prolific vintage and we still have cases left.  So contact us today and share some of the magic of the long, languid days in our Northland paradise.

For orders more then 6 please contact us