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December 8, 2016

Where better to start than at the beginning?

We’re really excited about the release of maiden vintage wines and the launch of our web site too.

The Boulder Bay journey has been one heck of a ride, but the fruits of our labours are worth every drop of sweat spilled! We have learned so much along the way and look forward to furthering our education as we travel on.

One of the first lessons to grape growing on an island is getting to grips with nature and all that she brings. Some events are uncontrollable while others can definitely be accounted for. Our initial harvest was simply not up to par. So before we could go about making wine worth drinking and cellaring, we were forced to rethink our planting and crop management to cope with our micro-climate of long warm summers and tropical weather patterns.

While this may have delayed our dreams of delivering a great product from the get go, we have benefitted from the experience.

Despite any initial set backs our winemaker Rod Mc Ivor at Marsden Estate has been supportive right through the process. Like many others in the area it is Rod’s belief in the potential of our unique location that inspires us to continue to grow and deliver only the best and juiciest grapes. Our ongoing commitment is to produce quality wines that express the character and beauty of our Boulder Bay location.

A wine like any product needs a brand. Before we met the creative team at Beans & Rice we simply didn’t have one. Beans & Rice somehow managed to convert our vaguest of thoughts into some stunning branding. The look and feel of our website and labelling reflects the caliber of our wine and the nature of our little cove in this bay of many islands.

Like a vineyard, the website is a work in progress. From here we will be delivering all the Boulder Bay news including production updates and developments, sales, wine and people profiles, testimonials and even a little of the happenings on Moturoa Island itself.

Even though we have barely begun, there is already a buzz in the air about Boulder Bay. Some have even speculated that Moturoa Island has the potential to set the benchmark for the future of Northland wine. We’d like to think so and we will keep working hard to try and meet those expectations. In the meantime we hope you get to share in a taste of our island.




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