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June 20, 2023


There’s no denying it, it was a challenging growing season for Northland vineyards.  Even before the event that was Cyclone Gabrielle, the consistent rain and warmer winter brought many issues for vineyards in the area with some making the difficult decision to abandon their grapes.  Under the nurturing care of our Boulder Bay Vineyard team, the grapes continued to ‘hang’ in there.  The team was helped by some of Moturoa Island’s permanent dwellers who provided vineyard support to help us keep going through wind, rain, and shine.  We are very grateful to be part of such a generous and supportive community.

On Monday 20 March, with the help of neighbours, family, and friends, we harvested our grapes.  With one eye on the weather (which broke 5 minutes after picking was completed) the team picked 2,810 kg of grapes that were crated, barged then trucked to our winemaker at Marsden Estate.  It was a slightly smaller harvest this year and the brix level was lower than normal; however, the grapes were perfect for Boulder Bay Rosé, and our new offering for 2023, Boulder Bay Chilled Red.  

This is a great opportunity to thank all of you who support our small vineyard by either helping or buying our wine.  We are very appreciative.

For orders more then 6 please contact us