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June 20, 2023


Did you know that Syrah is the third most planted red grape in New Zealand? 
It is a key red variety for the Northland region, responding well to the warm climate
and long-growing season.

Boulder Bay is a small producer of Syrah that has been grown from very good root stock, and with the support of our winemaker we are eager to try new things and mix some of the old things up.  Last year we introduced Boulder Bubbles to the market which was a great success.  We hope that this summer will provide a warmer, dryer environment to enjoy it in.

We recently sold the last of our 2021 Rosé, and our very popular 2019 Syrah.  We are now releasing our 2020 Syrah which is the result of wonderful grapes from an almost perfect growing cycle.  Because we have good stock of 2021 and 2022 Syrah in various stages of production, this year we have decided to produce 1300 litres of still Rosé, and 700 litres of Chilled Red.

Chilled Red has been hovering at the edges of mainstream wine for a while now.  Although most of us have absorbed the belief that most reds are better drunk at room temperature, this could be a misconception.  There are no rules!  Boulder Bay’s Chilled Red will take the form of a lighter style red/heavy Rosé.  The grapes are pressed off skins at an early stage to avoid too much colour and tannin extraction, and maturation occurs in stainless steel tanks.  This allows the wine to retain the fruit flavours.  The ideal temperature for serving chilled red is the same as a white wine.  Pop it in the fridge for two to three hours before serving.  Cold but not ice cold.

Both Boulder Bay’s 2023 Rosé and Chilled Red will be released around October 2023.  We look forward to you trying it.

For orders more then 6 please contact us